“I first met Linda at a business function and was impressed with her personable and calm demeanor. As I listened to her describe her passion for her work, I thought of the need to organize my office and creative spaces at home. Multiple, big life transitions, some traumatic, had made their mark with layers of paper and things, clouding my vision and weighing me down. Enter the professional, calm, energetic and friendly Linda with an effervescent “can do” spirit and a “Mary Poppins” carpet bag full of trademark organizers…. systems, resources, tools for the trade; a seemingly unending supply of good medicine for my ailing rooms! I particularly value how Linda honored me, my personality and what is important to me, all the while working alongside to restore fresh order and unleashing new possibilities. She is most professional, talented, experienced and fun to work with! She is tireless in seeing a new ordered vision come into reality! Thank you Linda from the bottom of a very grateful heart! You have made a whole new world of difference!” – Suzie

In August and September of this year, I spent 5 weeks moving my parents from a large, 3 bedroom, 2 story home in Kaleden to a 2 bedroom suite in one of the Assisted Living Properties in Penticton. Take a minute to imagine the task… My parents had lived in their beautiful home for 22 years, however, the belongings in their home dated back to pre-marriage, that is the early 1950’s. Many of us have parents, and many of us ourselves are collectors….collectors of stuff, souvenirs, items from children and travels and even wedding and anniversary gifts from the deep past. We have indeed become people of possessions. My parents were no different, and the result was a task that was overwhelmingly daunting. It was critical that the move take place in a designated period of time, but how was that going to be possible? I had some friends, and some family. Getting rid of “stuff” seemed doable, but who was going to pack and unpack the “chosen” items? Who was going to organize the new place in a way that would bring my parents relief and a sense of home, even though the home they built together and loved was now gone? The moving company we selected recommended Organizing Help. The owner of this business is a woman by the name of Linda Andersson. This is where my story turns from OMG and nights filled with anxiety and tears to a story of peace and calm, and success! This is the person, who in 4 days, packed, unpacked, hung pictures, organized closets and storage spaces, created a functioning kitchen, calmed my parents, reassured the daughter, and helped to create a space that my parents now call home. Linda is a quiet, confident person who knows how to handle things. She is creative and has a great eye for space and how to put things together, but most importantly, she is a person who understands what it is like to move, she is compassionate and caring for those old and young alike, and in those 4 short days Linda became indispensable, she became a hero.   She was an integral part of our moving team, and she became a part of our family. She quietly moved about the space utilizing her skills. She listened, and went out of her way to make things work. Moving parents, in my opinion, is one of the most challenging tasks on the face of the earth. Linda Andersson made it happen for me, and she can make it happen for your situation too. I highly recommend this woman and her business, Organizing Help. Give her a call today. ~ Lynn

“Thank you Linda for giving me back my office space! From a cluttered and disorganized mess to a functional and organized workspace, I actually enjoy being in a room that used to cause me nothing but stress. I wish I had called you long ago!  And, as a testament to your process, it has been 3 months and it is still as tidy and organized as when we finished.” – Cari

Linda has been amazing helping my mom pack and assist her where she needs it. She keeps me in the loop at all times as I don’t live in Penticton. My mom is a senior with dementia and Linda has been beyond helpful and understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help packing to move. Thank you so much Linda!!!!!! ~ Renee

“First and foremost I wish to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in organizing my office.  It looks awesome and for the first time in my almost 40 year old life I am able to find what I am looking for. This, to me, is utterly amazing!  I am very happy with the results here, and I think you have done a fantastic job.  Trying to get me organized is like trying to get an elephant to jump through the eye of a needle. You may not be aware that elephants cannot jump, so you did it anyways.  Thank you so very much!” ~ Robert

Thank you Linda for the wonderful session in my office! It is amazing what we achieved in 3 hours!  I highly recommend Linda and her services! ~Terri

My brother and I had the good fortune in using Linda’s expertise and services in our mother’s recent relocation move from a large home (4 bedrooms and 3 baths) to assisted living. She was able to break down this mammoth task into manageable pieces as to not overwhelm our 80 year old plus mother. This helped to alleviate our mother’s stress during this transition. She was a strong advocate for our mother and respected her wishes; she was client focused at all times. Her systematic organizational skills were remarkable. She presented a professional and calm demeanor at all times. She was a strong communicator as to each step of the move process (pre-move, move day, and post move) to my mother and us. I can confidently and highly recommend Linda, and would utilize her services again during another home move. ~Patricia

“Thank you again for all your help yesterday!!  Great tips and things for me to think about and keep in mind for future.  I just sooo love the new set up, the room looks twice as big and I think the new systems of organizing will work great!” ~ Shelley

“You will be pleased to know that I sorted all of my boxes, as promised, by Jan. 2nd!  My office looks great with more open space.  I also went through my e-mails and deleted most, if not all, of my dated correspondence.  I am now challenged to keep up the sorting, filing, and tossing routine, at least on a weekly basis!!!!” ~ Lise

“Thank you so much for your help.  I was so excited about my newfound skills that I went through all of the current email files and re-organized everything!  I was able to delete much of what I had been saving and the rest is either staying in the mail folders for the present or I attached them to the sender in my contact list.  I can’t believe how great I feel – an incredible “lightness of being” is about the best way to describe it!” ~Sandra   (BTW, everything you ever taught me about organizing my space is still working for me and it’s been at least 2 years since we worked together!)

“Linda Andersson’s business whips your workspace into better shape so that both you and your office function at optimal efficiency. Andersson arrived at the door with an imposing case full of aid for ailing office spaces and a can-do attitude that made this writer believe that even the most behind-schedule piles of files can be managed.  Sure enough, by the time she left, there were several organizing solutions at work, with new boxes for archival material, vastly improved filing systems installed and a cheery acknowledgement that you have to know whether your true nature is to be a filer or a piler.” ~ Deborah